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Monday, November 21, 2016

Tips for Buying & Selling Over the Holidays

Should you buy or sell a home during the holidays? The holidays can be a great time to be in the real estate market for both buyers and sellers, and there are a few reasons why.  

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Should you buy or sell a home over the holidays? Many people are uncertain about whether they should enter the real estate market during the holidays, but the 4th quarter can be a great to buy or sell a home.

As a buyer, the holidays can be an outstanding time to purchase a home. Some of our most cherished memories center around the holiday season. Why not have moving into your house be one of them? I remember a family that was only able to get their Christmas tree moved in before the 25th but it has become such a great story for them. 


Secondly, there are still plenty of homes on the market. There is always movement in our local market. There tends to be a swell of activity in the spring, but at the same time, buyers face more competition in the spring. Don’t be afraid to buy during the holidays!

As a seller, keep in mind that buyers looking this time of year tend to be ready to go. Most buyers aren’t out between Thanksgiving and Christmas if they don’t need to find a home quickly. Holiday buyers are typically very serious and already pre-approved, creating a good opportunity to sell your home despite a smaller buyer pool overall.

You will also face less competition this time of year. If you waited until spring to put your home on the market, you could be competing against 10 other houses in your neighborhood. By listing during the holidays, you may only have to compete against one or two homes for sale in your area. Staging and professional photography will also help you stand out from the reduced competition.

If you have any other questions about buying or selling during the holidays, give me a call or send me an email. I have a few other tips to make the whole process more fun and enjoyable for you and your family. I look forward to hearing from you!

Monday, November 14, 2016

5 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Home for the Winter

There are five easy steps you can take to winterize your home. They will help you avoid headaches down the road this winter and keep your home warm and running efficiently.

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What are the best ways to prepare your home for the winter? These five tips will help you avoid major headaches during the colder months.
  1. Winterize your hose bibs around Thanksgiving. It's easy to do, but if you don't know how, you can find instructional videos on YouTube, or we can recommend a contractor to you to help out. It will help prevent frozen pipes and water issues in the winter. Additionally, don't forget to remove the hose to prevent ice from making its way into your house. 
  2. Clear your gutters and downspouts, especially if you live in a wooded area. Clogged gutters hold excess water and can cause 'ice damming,' which can cause ice to get into your house through the eaves and cause all kinds of issues. 
  3. Service your HVAC. This will help the system run efficiently and put less stress on it. If there is an issue, it's better to find out now when it's nice out than when it's below freezing. You should service the unit yearly or twice a year, once during the fall.
  4. Check all insulation points, especially as it starts to get cold. There can be a ton of heat lost at your attic hatch, no matter the type. Check around your exterior doors as well, which can be a huge heat loss point. 
  5. Make sure windows are completely closed and locked. This may sound silly, but I hear plenty of stories from contractors going to a cold house only to find a window that's open by a half inch in the dead of winter, killing the house's ability to stay efficient and warm.
If you have any questions about winterizing your home or about the real estate market, give us a call or send us an email. We're always here to help.