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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

An Expert’s Take on How to Prepare for Your Move

There are some key tips you need to know to organize your move properly and ensure nothing gets misplaced.

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Today we’re joined by Adam Stempin from Allied Van Lines to talk a little bit about how to prepare for your move.

According to Adam, one of the biggest things people overlook is to how to organize their move. A great tip for this is to have an “off limits” area for the movers so certain personal items (purses, wallets, car keys, etc.) don’t get accidentally packed up. Unfortunately, this happens quite often.

If you’re buying a home on the other end, do not pack up any financial documents. If you do this, your lender might call you requesting an important document and you won’t be able to provide that document because it’s buried inside an 18-wheeler somewhere.
Organize your move correctly so nothing gets lost in the shuffle.
In Adam’s experience, most customers don’t realize how mover’s insurance works. They think that just because the movers are taking care of their possessions, they’re covered 100% for every item.

In reality, there are two different kinds of insurance: the basic package moving companies need to do business and the full value replacement package. If you pack everything yourself, your possessions can be excluded from these insurance packages. This is why it’s imperative that you decide whether you have the confidence and ability to pack your own items up or whether you need Adam’s team to do it.

One of the best packing tips Adam gives to his customers is to color-code each room. That way, when his movers are coming and going, they know which boxes go where and nobody’s constantly in your face about where everything goes. Furthermore, you won’t have to rearrange any boxes after the moving is done.

If you’re more budget-conscious about your move and are unsure of how much packing you should handle yourself, Adam can come to your house, review your situation, and give you a list of different services available. Adam’s team is one of Allied’s largest agents in their network, and they have about 425 agents across the country, so they can help customers anywhere in the nation. This comes in handy especially in our area, where we have many residents moving across the country.

If you need to move soon and are interested in doing business with Adam, you can email him at or call 540-272-5927.

If you have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to email me or give me a call. I’d be happy to help!